Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses from online casinos are one of the most player-friendly bonus systems out there. They generally don’t require you to do anything other than possibly opt-in for the bonus and play the way you normally would.

Some casinos will open cashback offers to all players and some will require that you reach a certain level or status in their VIP program in order to take part. If you can, play at a casino that offers cashback bonuses, though, it is highly recommended that you take full advantage of it.

Below are some of the most generous cashback bonus offers we’ve found at best real money USA casinos. Any of them will give you that little something extra to help extend your playing time and get the most from the money you’re gambling with.

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$1000 Bonus


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$3000 Bonus

How Do Online Casino Cashback Bonuses Work?

A cashback bonus from an online casinos works very much like a cashback offer from a credit card or a rebate offered on a product you might find at the store. You might find slight variations on the exact details from one casino to another, but the basic concept is that as a player you will get back a certain percentage of the money you spend at the casino. Some may run this type of offer as a special promotion and others offer cashback bonuses as part of their regular operations.

Casino Cashback Bonus Wagering Requirements

The vast majority of cashback bonus programs do not have any wagering requirements attached to them. In most cases, you simply play your normal games and you’ll be credited with your cashback percentage according to the offer’s terms, and then you can do whatever you want with it.

You may run across some casinos, however, that do impose a wagering requirement on cashback offers. Even in this case, though, the wagering requirements are usually much lower than what you’d find with a standard welcome bonus or reload deposit bonus. If a wagering requirement is part of the deal, it will most often be something easy to clear such as five or ten times the cashback amount.

Be Sure To Read The Terms And Conditions

As with any type of online casino bonus offer, you should pay special attention to the terms and conditions of any cashback bonus you wish to take advantage of. There are many different variations of this concept that can lead to confusion if you don’t read all the terms associated with the offer. What might seem like a good offer on the surface may not be so great once you’ve read all the fine print.

Different Types Of Casino Cashback Bonuses

There are two basic types of cashback bonuses that you’ll find at online casinos. The first type will give you back a percentage based on the money you’ve lost during a certain period of time. The other type will give you back a percentage based on the wagers that you’ve made during a period of time.

Cashback On Net Losses

With a cashback bonus that pays on net losses, the casino will look at a specific period of time and subtract the total amount you’ve lost from the total amount you started with and return a percentage to you. This type of offer usually has a higher percentage. Depending on the casino, it might be anywhere from 5% up to 20% or 25%. Most will fall somewhere in the middle.

Cashback On Total Wagers

Finding offers that pay cashback on total wagers can be more difficult, but they are most definitely worth seeking out. This type of bonus, as the name suggests, will pay you back a percentage based on the total wagers you placed over a certain period of time.

It’s important to note that the amount used is the total wagered not the total amount of money that was in your account. You could start with $100 and play for an hour going up and down and make wagers totalling more than $500 easily. This type of bonus would be based on the $500, not the $100.

Another interesting thing about this type of bonus is that you could actually win money on your wagers and collect the cashback bonus on top of it. With cashback on losses, you’re not going to be eligible for anything if you don’t lose. Winning or losing makes no difference with cashback on wagers.

Because of the way this type of offer works, the percentage is often much lower, but the overall rewards can be greater. You’ll generally see cashback percentages in the range of 2% to 5% on overall wagers.

Online Casino Cashback Bonus Pros And Cons

Casino cashback bonuses have almost no downside. They are, more or less, money for nothing. Many players say they think of a cashback bonus as a small insurance policy against large losses. It’s good to know that even if you don’t come out ahead on your bets, you’ll get some of your money back in the end.

They are, of course, a great way to get extra value out of your bankroll and extend the time you get to play your favorite games. In most cases, you won’t be getting back a mountain of money, but you will most certainly be able to play a bit more before there’s a need for any additional deposit.

The only real disadvantage of a cashback bonus is that most of the time you have to lose money to get the cashback. Losses at the casino happen all the time, though. So, in the end, maybe that’s not really a negative. It’s something that would happen anyway, the cashback is just a little extra reward to keep your bankroll alive longer.

Bottom Line

Cashback bonus offers from online casinos are one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your bankroll and get extra value out of the money you deposit to play. They often don’t require anything extra from you in order to collect.

As we said above, you should make sure you read and understand all terms and conditions that come with any bonus offer, but if you have the chance to take advantage of an online casino cashback bonus, you should most certainly think about doing it. They generally have very few requirements and carry the most player-friendly terms of all of the various casino bonuses available.