Free Spins Bonus Codes

For the online slot machine enthusiast in the US, there just might not be anything better than a free spins bonus from a reputable USA online casino. Most casinos will offer some type of bonus to both new and returning players, but free spins bonuses are designed especially for the players who really love the slots.

Sometimes free spin bonuses are offered in combination with other types of bonuses, others will be offered alone, or even as a sort of no deposit bonus just for signing up with a new casino. The basic idea is that you’ll get free spins on some real money online slot machine and have the chance to keep some or all of any prizes that you might win.

You can find free spins bonuses for games made by some of the best USA friendly slots developers like RTG (Real Time Gaming), Rival, and BetSoft. We list the top USA online casinos offering free spins bonuses to their players.

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225% Bonus


220% Bonus

Types Of Free Spins Bonuses

There are two basic types of free spins bonuses that you’ll run into as you look for casinos and bonus offers that suit you. Both will get you some free games—and hopefully some big prizes—on some of your favorite slots, but the way they work will be slightly different.

Standalone Free Spins Bonuses

Some sites offer standalone free spins bonuses. Most often, if the free spins are offered this way, it’s as a welcome bonus that doesn’t require a deposit. This type of bonus is generally fairly small. If a deposit is required, the minimum deposit amount will most likely be small as well. It’s not uncommon to see ranges between 10 and 50 free spins. Usually, it’s on the lower end.

Combination Free Spins Bonuses

You’re more likely to come across a free spins bonus as part of a larger welcome bonus that also comes with a deposit match of some kind. You may see some as small as 20 or 30 spins, but most are significantly larger.

This type of free spins bonus will require you to make a deposit first, but you’ll get a deposit match on top of the free spins, which can add up to lucrative opportunities. In some cases you may be given all of your free spins as soon as you make a deposit. In others, they may be spread out among your first two, three, or four deposits, unlocking a certain number of spins with each subsequent deposit.

When a free spins bonus is given in combination with another welcome bonus that requires a deposit, it’s normal to see a bonus of anywhere from 50 to 150 spins with some even going up to 300 or more.

Tips To Maximize Your Free Spins Bonus

There is not a lot that you can do to squeeze more value from free spins since their value and the way they can be played will be determined by the casino. The best way to make sure you get everything you can out of a free spins bonus is to read over the terms and conditions carefully. Following are a few things you should make sure you are aware of to avoid losing the chance to fully cash in on your free spins bonus.

Free Spin Expiration Time

Free spins usually have a certain period of time in which they can be used. It’s especially important to know how long that period of time is if your spins are given to you in increments. It’s common to see offers that will give you 10 or 20 spins a day over 10 consecutive days with a 24 hour expiration time on each set. It’s a big mistake to use your first set of spins and then lose your second set because you forgot they would be given to you and you let them expire.

Maximum Withdrawal Amounts

Free spins bonuses will often have a maximum withdrawal amount. That is to say, when you win using your free spins, there is a cap on the amount that you will be able to withdraw. If you win more than that amount, it will be forfeited.

You should think about the fact that when there is a maximum withdrawal limit and your winnings reach that limit, it may be in your best interest to stop playing. At that point, you can not possibly win more. The only change that would affect your balance would be if it were to go down.

Which Slots You Can Play With Free Spins

Although you will find free spins bonuses with no restrictions, many offers will only be good to play on a certain slot machine or group of slot machines. Make sure to look and see exactly what game(s) you’ll be able to play. There’s no sense in signing up to get a bonus that isn’t going to let you play the games you want to play.

No Wager Free Spins Bonuses

Like other bonuses, many free spins bonuses will have wagering requirements. This means that if you win on the free spins you’ll have to make wagers based on the amount you win in order to release those winnings and cash out.

You will sometimes, however, find free spins bonuses with no wagering requirements. That means that if you win with your free spins, the money is yours to keep and do with as you please. It goes without saying that this is a great deal. If you can find a free spins bonus with no wagering requirements, you should definitely take advantage of it.

Pros And Cons of Free Spins Bonuses

Like most bonus offers, there are plenty of advantages to free spins bonuses and not too many drawbacks.

The main thing to be aware of is that using a free spins welcome bonus might extend the period of time before you’ll be able to make your first withdrawal. They will generally take a little bit longer to clear than a normal bonus, but of course, the payoff could be worth it in the end.

Other than that, a free spins bonus is an excellent way to get some more time with your favorite games and put a bit of a boost in your bankroll. The free spins themselves let you get in there and play, and then if you end up with some winnings from those spins, you’ll be able to play even more without touching your own money. It’s hard to find a deal any better than that.

Bottom Line

Taking advantage of good free spin bonuses is one of the best ways to add a few bucks to your bankroll and extend the length of time you’ll be able to play the games you like. You really have nothing to lose. In fact, because of the way that they work, it’s like getting a double bonus. You get the free spins to start plus anything you win when you make those spins. You can’t go wrong!