Craps Strategy

Popular Craps Strategies

Iron Cross Strategy AKA the No Sevens System – a betting strategy that covers multiple numbers except for 7s. To avoid going against the players who wagered on the Pass Line, those who employ Iron Cross system wait until the Pass Line number is established and then wager on 5, 6, 8, and the Field.

Colonel’s Craps – betting on the Field after 3 consecutive non-Field dice rolls and doubling the bet after every losing roll (up to 10 betting units).

Dice Control Shooting and Rolling Techniques – proficient Craps players have their own dice rolling methods which can increase the odds of landing the desired dice total. The technique includes the “dice setting” (the way dice are set in your palm before rolling them) and “dice grip” (the way you hold the dice – at an angle, using only three fingers, etc.).

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Best and Worst Craps Bets

Craps bets have different hit frequency, which means that certain bets should be avoided, especially by players who are on a budget. The optimal results are achieved by the consistent betting on low-risk bets:

  • Pass Line – 1.41% house edge
  • Don’t Pass Line – 1.36% house edge
  • Odds – no house edge
  • Come Bet – 1.41% house edge
  • Don’t Come – 1.40% house edge
  • Place 6/8 – 1.40% house edge

Despite the tempting payout rates, certain bets are designed to give advantage to the house, which is why experienced players tend to avoid them. Unless you are willing to take the risk, the Craps bets below should be practiced in moderation as the house edge is over 9% (or over 16% in some cases):

–    Any 7 – carries an extremely high house edge of 16.67%

–    Betting on 2 or 12 – the winning odds are 35:1 while the payout is 30:1

–    Horn – 12.5% house edge with 27:4 payout for 2 or 12 and 3:1 on 3 or 11

–    Craps – 11.11% house edge with 7:1 payout rate

–    Whirl or World Bet (betting on either Horn or Any 7 at the same time)

  • 26:5 on 2 or 12
  • 11:5 on 3 or 11
  • 0:1 on 7

–    Betting on 11 (Yo bet) – 11.11% house edge with 15:1 payout rate

–    Betting on 3 – over 11% house edge with 15:1 payout rate

–    Hop 2 Ways (betting on a specific dice pip combo – for example 6 + 4 or 4+6). The house edge and payout are the same as the previous two bets

–    C&E (Craps + Yo) – 11.11% house edge with 3:1 payout for 2, 3 and 11 and 7:1 payout on 11

–    High Low (Boxcars + Aces) – 11.11% house edge with 15:1 payout rate

–    Hardways – 11.11% house edge with 7:1 for both 2+2 and 5+5

The Craps Table Etiquette – the Proper Way to Behave at the Craps Table

Certain things are inexcusable at the Craps table and only an absolute beginner would commit the mortal Craps sins, such as:

  • Saying “seven” out loud – after the point is set, the number is referred to as “it”.
  • Hitting a fellow player’s stake while shooting
  • Admitting to playing Craps for the first time. This rule only applies to male players, while ladies are more than welcome to disclose such information, as it is considered as a token of good fortune to have a female first-time Craps player at the table.
  • Sliding the dice instead of properly rolling them
  • Using both hands to roll the dice

Obviously, playing Craps online will not require the players to be familiar with most of the guidelines concerning the land-based Craps etiquette, but certain rules must be honored even at online live tables, where the live chat service enables the players to interact with each other and the dealer.