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More than 50% of wagers made online are made on mobile devices. Mobile casinos are the fastest growing segment of the gambling industry worldwide. With the accessibility and convenience offered by mobile casinos and casino apps, it’s no wonder.

There are many USA mobile casinos available, but not all are created equal. Just like online casinos that offer games in your browser, there are mobile casinos that offer an amazing experience and others that, well…let’s just say they aren’t so amazing. Some go out of their way, taking advantage of the latest technology and security to create polished apps that deliver everything a player could ask for. Others do the bare minimum, simply trying to get what they can from the gamblers they manage to attract. Some even put gamblers at risk as they try to cut corners and create shortcuts to get their product out.

We’ve put together 20 years of combined experience in the casino industry and done all the legwork for you. We’ll show you all the advantages of finding the right USA mobile casino for you and which mobile casinos you should be looking at. We’re going to make sure that you get the outstanding mobile casino experience that you deserve.

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Advantages Of A USA Mobile Casino

Playing at a USA friendly mobile casino can have plenty of advantages over playing on your desktop, or even laptop, computer.

Play Anywhere With A Mobile Casino

The most obvious benefit to playing on a mobile casino is that you can play anytime and anywhere you happen to be. Whether you want to sit back at home and play cards for an hour or just kill a few minutes spinning the slots while you sit in a waiting room, a mobile casino is always convenient.

Extra Security

Mobile casinos that make use of their own mobile app can offer their players extra security over playing through a browser on a desktop or laptop computer. A custom-programmed app can communicate with casino servers in different ways and add extra layers of protection and verification that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in a web browser.

A mobile casino app could, for example, check the hardware on your phone to verify that you are indeed connecting from a device with your registered phone number, preventing anyone else from getting into your account.

When you’re using an app designed by the casino you will always know that you are connecting to the online casino, as well. The app can’t be hijacked or redirected the way a browser can. When you load the app, you will always go where you’re supposed to go.

Score Extra Loyalty Points

The convenience of playing at a mobile casino can allow you to rack up loyalty points much faster. Even if you play just a few extra spins on the slots during coffee breaks a few times a week, those are all extra points you wouldn’t get if you were confined to playing only at home on your computer.

Faster Signup

Many mobile casinos will get you signed up faster when you’re going through the process on a smartphone. With phones storing everything from an email address to payment information, it’s easy to pass all the data safely and securely to the casino without typing—or typos.

What to Look for in A USA Mobile Casino

When it comes to getting a good casino experience on your favorite mobile device, there are a few points that you should consider.

Mobile Casino Presentation

First and foremost, you should make sure that you have looked over any mobile casino that you are considering with the mobile device that you are planning to use to play. With so many different devices and screen sizes, there is plenty that can go wrong with a website or a gaming app. Test the casino’s interface on your specific device and make sure everything works the way you would expect it to. Don’t assume that because it looks good on your desktop or your friend’s tablet that it will be the same on your phone.

A Dedicated Mobile Application (App)

Most online casinos (or websites for that matter) can be viewed in a web browser on your mobile device and the site will try to adapt to the size of your screen. This tends to be a much more inaccurate and slower experience, however, than playing through a dedicated app built for the mobile casino.

All browsers will interpret things a bit differently and could cause problems or slight glitches with some games. Also, since a browser is a general purpose program, it has to do a lot of extra work to complete all the computations necessary for a complex casino game. That means your device is more likely to get hot and your battery will drain faster. With an app that’s designed specifically to run the games you want to play, things are more efficient and much more kind to your mobile device.

Mobile Casino Game Variety

You should also compare a mobile casino’s variety of games. There are different factors that can affect which games a casino can offer on mobile devices. Some games, especially older online casino games, simply aren’t designed for mobile and won’t work correctly on the smaller screens. Other games might work only within the casino’s app, but not in a mobile browser, or vice versa. The list of games that you see on an online casino’s website is not always the same list of games available if you want to play on a mobile device.