Live Dealer Blackjack

Sweep the table from the comfort of your couch! 

If we had to pick one game to play for the rest of our lives, blackjack would probably be it. The rules are simple to pick up, but difficult to master. There are numerous different rulesets you can use to keep things fresh. Not to mention that it’s fast paced and thrilling, with each hand having awesome chances to win.

Of course, playing blackjack at a real casino can come with drawbacks. Las Vegas’ dazzling lights can be blinding at times. And if you play at a Native American casino, you’re usually faced with bad odds and payouts due to a lack of competition. Playing online solves both of those problems, since you’re one click away from finding a better deal on another website.

But playing blackjack online can be a lonely affair, even if you have lower betting limits and better odds of winning. That’s where live dealer blackjack comes into play! You get to enjoy conversing with other players and the dealer. You get to share the emotions as huge wins and massive losses appear on the table. And the best part? You get to do so while lying in bed, on your phone, without even having to bother to put some pants on.

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$3000 Bonus

A 21 Casino Pick

In blackjack, you’re always chasing that magic number. But before you can start showing off your latest and greatest strategy, you will have to find the right casino! We list a few recommendations, based on multiple factors. Rest assured, each one you pick is a blackjack in itself!

One of the most important things in choosing what website you play on is whether it is trustworthy or not. With so many online casinos, and new ones appearing each day, some less savory elements are bound to sneak past. That’s why we thoroughly test each casino before placing it in our trusted tab. Rest assured, these operators will treat you right.

Of course, a website must also be safe. Casinos have to handle some sensitive information – your real name, address, payment details, and sometimes even your phone number. Nobody wants this information in the hands of hackers or other malevolent people. Which is why we make sure each operator on our list applies the best security methods to protect your data.

Online blackjack is the most popular table game in the United States. Which is why finding good bonuses that also apply to live dealer blackjack is so important! Thanks to its high RTP, many casinos will not offer blackjack specific promotions, or will decrease its wagering contributions. Our suggestions offer some of the best bonuses currently available on the market for US players.

And while all of these elements are important, we cannot forget we are here to play live dealer blackjack! As such, each website we list not only offers multiple tables, but also ensures gamblers have good odds of winning. Competition is fierce with online gambling, which is why live dealer blackjack USA will use rules that benefit the player.

Why play live?

There are numerous reason why the live version is, in our eyes, better than playing by yourself. In some cases, we would even argue that live dealer blackjack is better than the real thing! It’s certainly a bold claim, but one we are confident in, considering recent developments.

The first, and most obvious advantage, is the presence of a real dealer and actual gamblers. Online blackjack has drastically improved over the first versions we have played all those years ago. But it’s still not the same as seeing an actual person dealing cards. Sharing the excitement of a big win with other people on the same table. The human element, in our opinion, is worth a few trade-offs.

Another advantage is the ability to play on low limit tables. We can’t remember the last time we went to a land-based casino and found tables that let you play for $1. That privilege used to be restricted to single player blackjack games. But now, live versions offer those same low limits. You get to enjoy the presence of a real dealer and other people without having to bankrupt yourself. That’s a win in our book.

Now, for our claim that live dealer blackjack USA is better than its real world variant. The advantage of blackjack is in the low house edge. Under certain rules, it can be less than 1%. Most land-based casinos have chosen to make adjustments in their favor, decreasing your odds of winning.

Online casinos don’t have that luxury due to cutthroat competition. With each website vying for your attention, they give you fantastic odds and rules that favor the gambler. You may not be able to brag about going to Vegas, but your wallet will thank you.

Live versions of blackjack are also taking advantage of more powerful hardware that’s currently available. Nowadays, phones are better than most computers were when online gambling was taking off. Dealer streams are now high quality, and some software providers are even experimenting with VR. Soon, it will be indistinguishable from the real thing, and we personally cannot wait to see it.

Who’s who?

After 2006, a large number of software providers left the United States due to changed gambling regulation. This left the field somewhat barren, especially compared to Europe. Despite that, there are still several developers who have thrived in recent years. Here are some of the best software providers that you can find on offer in US friendly casinos.

  • If you want the best experience playing live dealer games, you go to The video quality is the best when compared to other developers, with multiple viewing angles and a fantastic user interface. You can play their blackjack game on both desktop and mobile.
    8 decks are used in Betconstruct’s live dealer blackjack game. They allow double after split, and numerous side bets, although the latter depends on the casino. In an effort to speed up gameplay, you can pre-select your decision while waiting for other gamblers.
    The software provider was licensed by numerous regulatory bodies, and was certified by various third-party audits. Their software is as secure and trustworthy as they come. The studio also offers VR versions for gamblers who have the appropriate gear. However, this is only available to Windows and Mac players.
  • Global Gaming Labs is a smaller software provider with large ambitions. The video quality they offer isn’t as fantastic as Betconstruct’s. It still reaches full HD, so this isn’t as big of a deal as you think. However, we do not like that GGL’s games are not available on mobile devices.
    There are two different blackjack games developed by GGL that you can play. One follows standard European rules, and has only seven seats. The unlimited version doesn’t restrict how many people can be seated at one table, and even allows one player to hold multiple seats. It also follows standard European rules, with a slightly different splitting rule.
    The developer makes use of the latest security technology to ensure your personal and financial data are safe. All dealers are monitored by pit bosses to ensure there’s no shenanigans going on!
  • Visionary iGaming is on a similar level as Global Gaming Labs in terms of video quality and lack of mobile support. However, we do not like the fact you cannot speak or interact with the dealer in their games.
    But what games they are! There are three different variants of blackjack for you to try out. In all of them, players can choose their moves while waiting for other gamblers to decide. They also allow for Pairs and Rummy side bets. You can tip the dealer after a win, and receive double that tip after a winning hand. The early payout version brings the house down to 0.5% assuming optimal player strategy. And if you prefer the American ruleset, their third live dealer blackjack USA game is perfect for you!
    Using encryption, Visionary iGaming ensure that all confidential player data is kept safe and secure.