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Online Roulette – the thrill of Vegas from the comforts of your home!

You’ve probably seen in a thousand times in movies and TV shows. Down on his luck, a man sets all his hopes on the spin of the roulette table. The camera dramatically zooms in, and at the last second, the ball lands exactly where it needs to be. Things usually aren’t quite so desperate when you’re playing online roulette, but the thrill of winning big is universal.

Of course, before you can commit to playing real money online roulette, you have to pick a casino. And that can be a tall order by itself! You have to make sure it offers good promotions, that it’s trustworthy, and that it has good payouts. As a result, we’ve selected some of the best roulette sites that gamblers from the United States can enjoy!

Best Online Roulette Casinos 2019



$1000 Bonus


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$3000 Bonus

Would We make a Casino Pun? We Wouldn’t Roulette Out!

There’s a reason we selected these casinos. For the US market, these are the best places to play real money online roulette. Some have a better selection of games, while others offer better betting conditions. As such, there’s really no way to pick the best among the bunch. All of our picks have been around for a long time, and are known brands that players trust.

Still, there’s a reason we selected the websites we did. The first and most important reason for us is the fact these are known and trusted websites. Some have been around for a while, and others are brand new. But all of them have been proven to be fair for gamblers.

They also have a clean history, with none or very few player complaints. Some mistakes are bound to happen, that much is impossible to avoid. This is one of the key things we check for every casino that we review. Rest assured, all of the operators we recommend here will not try to scam you out of your money.

The fun of gambling is the thrill of winning big. That said, most casinos take ages to put the money in your bank account. However, the websites we recommend have fast payouts, which means your hard-earned cash will quickly find its way into your wallet!

Roulette is a versatile game, with many different game rules. Most casinos will offer European and American roulette, as they are the two ‘main’ distinctions. But there are other, more exotic categories, like French or no-zero real-money online roulette games. Our recommended list of operators takes this into account! Registering on these websites ensures you will have several types of roulette tables to choose from.

Everything is more fun with friends, and that includes gambling. After all, the rush of winning big is all the more exciting when you see others reacting to it! That’s why, on our recommended websites, you get to share the fun and play live dealer online roulette!

Another thing we find quite important are worthwhile bonuses! Every casino does their best to attract gamblers using generous promotions to lure you in. We’ve gone through them all, and picked out the very best for you.

Finally, the last thing we look for in an operator is mobile support. Nowadays, most people access the internet using their phones and tablets. The websites on our list follow this trend, and allow you to play on the mobile device of your choosing. The vast majority also support instant play, so you don’t have to download an app to start the fun.

Fairer, Faster, Fantastic

There’s more to real money online roulette than saving the gas cost to visit Vegas! While there’s an undeniable thrill in the real thing, casinos have been making great strides to improve your experience.

The most obvious advantage is in the fact you know the games are fair. Before playing anywhere, make sure the operator is licensed, and is verified by a third-party to being fair. If you don’t feel like searching for yourself, you can try one of the casinos we mentioned in our previous section.

The convenience of playing online means you can play whenever, and the game starts and ends when you want it to. You also get to set your own stakes, so you could play with a $1 wager if you so choose. Hell, you can even play demo versions that don’t cost anything! There’s no pressure from others to place your bet if you’re feeling indecisive, either.

And with better technology, we have seen software providers improve graphics and audio to brand new heights! Online roulette nowadays is a smooth experience from start to finish. And with the expanding popularity of VR headsets, it won’t be long before you can get a true Vegas experience.

Diversity is The Spice of Life

There’s really not one true way to play online roulette. In the United States, land-based casinos will usually only offer the American version. However, such restrictions do not apply on the world wide web! Here, you can try European, French, and no-zero versions! Some variants can be more difficult to find than others, however.

Since this is the good ol’ US of A, let’s talk American roulette first. This variant has a single zero, and a double zero. This is the version you’ve probably seen in movies, and is the one you will find in many land-based casinos. Personally, we recommend against playing this version. The RTP is lower compared to the European variant. If you can already make the choice, you should choose the one that gives you better odds.

In European roulette, there’s only a single green zero sector. And since there’s only one zero, gamblers get better odds of winning. This variant is the most popular for real money online roulette games.

But if you’re looking to drive the house edge all the way down, French roulette is the way to go! The layout is mostly the same as the European variant, with only one zero. The advantage comes from the La Partage rule. This applies when the gambler places an even-money outside bet (betting on color, even/odd numbers, or low/high). If the winning number is zero, the wager is divided in half. One half is returned to the player, and the other is pocketed by the house.

An ever-elusive type of online roulette is the no-zero roulette game. These are incredibly difficult to find for real-money play, and often come with ridiculous restrictions. There’s good reasons for this, however. Unlike European and American roulette, no-zero roulette doesn’t have a house edge. You’re on equal terms with the casino, which is usually a no-go for many operators.

With Great Bonuses Comes Great Responsibility

It’s quite rare to find promotions that include online roulette. Most USA casinos tend to be slot-focused, so you’ll have to actively search to find a roulette specific bonus. From the casinos we recommended, only one had a promotion relating to roulette. Even then, the promotion was for the American version, which has a higher house edge.

That said, you can still use some casino welcome bonuses and promotions for real money roulette games. The operators usually try to trip you up, by making roulette contribute less to wagering requirements. In our best roulette sites section above, we mentioned how only offer 5% contribution from roulette.

Let’s Make a Bet

If you’ve been playing roulette online or offline, you will know that wagers can be split to inside and outside bets. Inside bets are for single numbers or multiple numbers. Outside bets are less risky, since they allow you to bet on multiple numbers at once. All odds are for European versions of online roulette.

Inside bets can be split into:

  • Straight up (Single Number): Place your chip on any number. If the ball lands on that number, you win 35x your total stake. Your odds of winning this is 2.7%.
  • Split: Place your chip on the line between two adjacent numbers. If either number is won, you get 17x your total bet. Your chance to win a split is 5.41%.
  • Street: Place your chip on the edge of a row that contains three numbers. If either of the three numbers lands, you win 11x. Your odds to win this are 8.11%.
  • Corner (Square): Place a chip on the point that connects four adjacent numbers. If any of the four numbers are won, gamblers win 8x. Your chances of winning are 10.81%.
  • Six Line: Place your chip on the intersection between the two lines along the side of the board. You win 5x if any of the six numbers land. Your odds of winning are 16.22%.

In the same way, you can categorize Outside bets as follows:

  • Dozens: A roulette board has 36 numbers, which are split into three groups (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). If the drawn number belongs to a group you wagered on, you win 2x your total bet. Your chances to win are 32.43%.
  • Columns: Similar to dozens, you bet on one of the three columns you can see on the betting wheel. If any number from that column wins, players get 2x their total bet. Your odds to win are 32.43%.
  • Odd/Even: You bet that the drawn number will be an even or an odd number. This pays 1x your total stake – that is, it only returns the money you’ve wagered. Your chances of winning are 48.65%.
  • Red/Black: You wager that the winning number will be a red or black color. Like odd/even, this only pays back the money you wagered if won. Your odds of winning are 48.65%.
  • 1/18-19/36: If a number within the selected range wins, you get 1x your total stake. Your odds of winning are 48.65%.