Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette – one step closer to the real thing! 

As fun as online roulette is, there’s no denying it lacks a certain thrill compared to the real thing. For all of its advantages, it’s a solitary affair – you play alone, and you cannot share your wins with anyone else. Casinos and software providers knew that, if they wanted to recreate the Vegas experience, they’d have to try something different. And so, the first live dealer roulette tables were born!

Now, real money online roulette is no longer a solitary affair. If anything, it opens a gateway to meeting all sorts of new and exciting people. Each win will be accompanied by a dash of envy and excitement. The dealer will interact with the players, encouraging and egging them on to try their luck. It’s quite easy to get swept up in the excitement of a big win, even if it’s not yours!

At the same time, it brings the same advantages of playing roulette online we mentioned previously. It depends on the casino and software provider, but most allow small wagers you couldn’t play in Las Vegas. The visuals have been drastically improving over the years, as well. It won’t be long before it’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Dealing Casinos a Winning Hand

To make sure you have the best experience possible, we’ve highlighted several casinos which we consider the best. If you plan to play online live dealer roulette USA, these are our picks. We look at several things while deciding the best roulette sites for playing the live version of online roulette.

The same things we mentioned in the article above still applies. We chose trustworthy websites with a clean history. Ones that have proven to have fast payouts and promotions that are worth your time. And, of course, ones you can play regardless of whether you’re on desktop or mobile.

Another important aspect of the very best roulette sites is the variety of roulette tables and software providers. Having multiple developers is nice, but offering multiple tables with different rulesets is more important. After all, some gamblers prefer the American ruleset, others like playing European roulette better.

If leaving your odds to a machine isn’t your thing, live dealer online roulette is the way to go! Rather than letting a random number generator (RNG) determine whether you win or lose, it’s all up to the dealer. Provided you’re playing at a trusted casino and software provider, it’s as fair as it is in Vegas.

We also like the fact you can interact with the dealer and other players. After all, what’s more fun than a big win? The fact you get to bask in its glory while everyone else praises you for a godly bet! It’s almost the same thrill as playing it at an actual venue. Except you safe on the travel costs, and don’t have to change into your nice clothes.

Spin it Again, Sam

If you plan on playing real money live dealer roulette, there are a few differences you should be aware of. Namely, the fact you will need a better internet connection than just playing regular roulette online. The game session is streamed by video, so you will need bandwidth that can keep up with the stream. After all, you don’t want to lose your connection when you’re moments away from a big win!

While we think playing with others is a blast, there is a trade-off. Namely, before each wheel spin, you have to wait for everyone to set their wagers. There’s usually a set time limit so the whole table doesn’t have to wait for one guy who’s indecisive.

To further ensure that each session goes quickly and smoothly, there’s a set limit as to how many gamblers can play on a single table. From our experience, the magic number usually floats between 8 and 12. Casinos will often offer multiple tables with the same wagering requirements to ensure players don’t have to wait for a spot. Still, if it’s rush hour, sometimes waiting is inevitable.

Beyond that, everything else plays the same. The gameplay is identical, and only changes depending on whether the table follows European or American rules. You can lean back in your chair and play on the device of your choosing.

Know Thy Enemy

If you plan on playing live dealer roulette online, you should know there are multiple software providers. Before you register with any casino, you should check which developers they house on their platform. Not all providers are equal, as there’s a difference in video quality and other small details.

  • In our opinion, Betconstruct offers the best live casino software of the whole bunch. The video quality is exceptional, and all their games are mobile supported. No matter if your device runs iOS or Android, it can run Betconstruct live dealer roulette.
    Their roulette game is based on the European ruleset. The software provider allows you to save your favorite bet combinations, and lets you make various side bets.
    The developer has also been certified by numerous third party audits, so you know they’re safe and fair. And if you have a VR headset, you can play VR versions of their games!
  • Next one on our list is Global Gaming Labs. The quality of the video is good, but not quite on the same level as Betconstruct. Their online live dealer roulette is not supported on mobile devices, so you’ll have to play on your laptop or PC.
    The developer offers both American and European roulette. If you get disconnected, the system will finish your game using basic strategy. Not the most competent system in the world, but it gets the job done until you reconnect.
    The software provider also ensures all data and payment methods are secure and safely stored. There’s also an extensive back up log to ensure any disputes are quickly resolved.
  • Visionary iGaming offers a decent experience, but lags behind the previous two developers. Video quality is around the same level as Global Gaming Labs. And also like them, they do not support mobile devices. However, GGL pulls ahead because Visionary iGaming does not allow you to speak or interact with the dealers.
    The software provider offers both the American and European type of online roulette USA. They’re also one of the few developers that allow you to play demo versions of their games.
    Visionary iGaming ensures your data is kept secure and confidential by using the latest encryption methods.