Progressive Slots

Slot machine enthusiasts play for the excitement of that moment that always feels like it’s just one or two spins away. It’s the anticipation of that big win that drives us to try one more time and see what the reels have in store for us.

There is one type of slot machine, though, that can crank that anticipation up to entirely new levels and get the blood coursing through your veins at breakneck speeds. There is one type of slot machine that can, quite literally, change your life with just a single spin of the reels. Progressive slots can build monumental jackpots that reach into millions of dollars and pay off to one winner on just one spin.

Below are USA friendly online casinos offering some of the biggest and best progressive jackpot slots available. Get ready to take a chance to change your life in just one click.

Where to Find the Best Progressive Slots



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Types Of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Unlike slot machines that have a fixed jackpot or maximum payout amount, progressive jackpot slots build a jackpot over time based on the wagers that they take in. Each time someone plays on a progressive slot and the jackpot is not triggered, a portion of that wager goes toward making the jackpot bigger. The longer the machine runs without paying out a jackpot, the larger the jackpot becomes.

There are three basic types of progressive jackpot slot machines. Depending on where you play, you may have access to just one type, two, or all three. No matter which types are available where you play, they are definitely worth seeking out and taking a few spins.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Slots

Standalone progressive slots offer the smallest jackpots of any of the progressive games. The jackpot on a standalone slot is built solely from wagers made on that specific machine. A popular standalone machine can build up a respectable jackpot, but in most cases, the maximum payout will be somewhere around or under $10,000.

Local Progressive Jackpot Slots

Local progressive slots take things up a level. A local progressive slot jackpot is based on wagers made across a network of slot machines within one casino. In this case, wagers made on all of the linked machines go into building the jackpot and anyone playing at any of those machines can potentially win the jackpot.

Depending on the game and where you are playing, the slots that make up a local progressive jackpot could range from just a few up to several hundred. Some of these jackpots can get up to or over $1,000,000 but most are closer to ranges around $100,000.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpot Slots

Wide area progressive slots offer the truly life-changing jackpot prizes. With this type of configuration, slot machines from multiple casinos are linked together to create huge prize pools. Linked slots could number from hundreds to thousands of individual machines and players.

It is this concept that allows online progressive jackpots to reach astoundingly high amounts very rapidly. Several online video slot developers have created progressive jackpot games that are available at hundreds of online casinos all over the world simultaneously. It is not uncommon to see jackpot amounts well over $1,000,000 with many over $10,000,000 already paid and even a few over $50,000,000.

Progressive Jackpot Meters

Online or off, all progressive jackpot slot machines will have a jackpot meter. In brick-and-mortar casinos, they’re virtually impossible to miss. They often tower over other games in the room with bright, flashing, and colorful numbers telling you exactly how much could be won at any given moment. In most cases, too, those numbers are climbing faster than the digits on the stopwatch of any sports team coach.

For online progressive jackpots, you won’t see giant LED signs flashing over your head, but those rapidly rising numbers are still easy to spot. Any online video slot with a progressive jackpot will have the current prize prominently displayed above or around the reels as you play. Most casinos that offer progressive slots will also list current jackpots on their slots menu pages. You’ll also run across the latest jackpot amounts on various websites that promote and track progressive slots, players, and winners around the world.

Pay Attention To Progressive Jackpot Requirements

Bets And Jackpot Eligibility

If you want to go after a progressive jackpot, it’s extremely important that you read over the slot’s pay table carefully. Some progressive slots have special requirements that must be met in order to unlock the chance to win the top jackpot. If, for example, a slot allows you to choose how many pay lines you’d like to bet on, you may have to bet on all lines in order to be eligible for a jackpot win. Others may require that you play at the maximum bet.

It would be disheartening—to say the least—to land the winning combination only to find that you didn’t place the correct bet to be eligible for winning the big money.

Payments And Cashout Limitations

You should also be aware of how payment of any jackpot wins are made and how they may be affected by casino withdrawal limits. As we mentioned above, some progressive jackpots are managed by a casino or group of casinos and others are managed by the game developers. In each case, payout terms could be different. Payouts may come in regular payments. They could come in a lump sum, but one that you can’t withdraw from your casino account all at once, or there could be some other plan for payment.

Regardless of the type of jackpot, who’s managing it, or how a winner will be paid, all of the information should be readily available either in the casino’s terms and conditions or within the game instructions or paytable for the slot machine you are playing. If you can’t find the information, get in contact with your casino’s support staff. They should be happy to explain to you how it works.

Top Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you’re looking for some bigtime excitement and potential prizes that will blow your mind, following are some of the biggest and best progressive jackpot slots to be found online. And best of all, they’re available at any of your favorite USA friendly online casinos.

Rival Gaming Progressive Jackpot Slots

1# Jackpot 5x Wins Slot

A simple name and a simple game—with jackpots reaching into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Jackpot 5x Wins slot is a classically styled three-reel, three-row slot featuring bars, cherries, lucky sevens, and other classic slot machine symbols. It has paid out single jackpots over $250,000. Everything about this slot is right to the point. No frills, but plenty of thrills. Spin the reels and take your chances and you just might be the next big winner.

2# Money Magic Slot

The Money Magic slot is a more modern style slot with five reels, three rows, and nine pay lines. It’s one of Rival’s best paying progressive slots with an average payout of about $100,000 on each jackpot win so far. Past jackpots have reached over $300,000.

3#  Major Moolah Slot

This is one of Rival’s most well known progressive jackpot slots. The jackpots don’t reach the levels of some others you might see, but it pays off with amazing regularity. Major Moolah is a straight and simple three-reel slot with a single pay line. The jackpot tends to pay out about once a month. The average jackpot win is between $10,000 and $20,000 put some have gone as high as $75,000.

BetSoft Progressive Jackpot Slots

1# Good Girl Bad Girl Slot

BetSoft’s Good Girl Bad Girl slot is pretty unique both as a slot and as a progressive jackpot slot. It’s a two in one game with two completely independent sets of reels and two independent progressive jackpots. The game maintains different jackpot prize pools for different coin value amounts, too. You can play one set of reels or the other, or play both at the same time and the same goes for the jackpots.

2# At The Copa Slot

At The Copa is a five-reel, three-row slot with great three-dimensional graphics and three separate progressive jackpots. There are 30 pay lines which add up to plenty of chances to make one of those three winning combinations that pay off the big prizes. This one is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping as you play.

3# Pharaoh King Slot

Hit the right combination on the reels while playing the maximum bet here and you just might find yourself walking away with a considerable Pharaoh’s treasure. This is a five-reel, three-row slot with a considerably lighter look than most Egyptian themed slots. There also plenty of bonus features to keep things interesting.

RTG Progressive Jackpot Slots

1# Jackpot Pinatas Slot

Jackpot Pinatas is one of the richest progressive jackpots available to players in the US. This is a five-reel, three-row slot with all bets locked at $5 and played on 20 pay lines. The progressive jackpot on this slot starts at $250,000. Past winners have walked away with more than $1,500,000 after hitting the elusive winning combination.

2# Aztec Millions Slot

It’s right there in the name. That’s millions with an S. Betting is fixed at $5.00 per spin with $.20 played on each of the 25 pay lines. Regular wins can land you as much as 5000 credits on a single spin, but this slot has the type of progressive jackpot that can turn you into an instant multi-millionaire. Multi-million dollar payouts are possible with an absolute minimum of $1,000,000 if you hit the jackpot combination.

3# Megasaur Slot

Megasaur is another RTG title that can push your bank account to the outer limits in a single life-changing moment. With five reels full of symbols based on wild dinosaurs, action is what this slot is all about. Aside from the mind-boggling jackpot, there are plenty of bonus features to keep things exciting. Hit the right combination on any of the 25 pay lines while playing the maximum bet and you could win. Past winners have hit $1,000,000 paydays.

Bottom Line

Progressive jackpots are the things dreams are made of. They are the spark in the back of the mind of every gambler who’s ever laid down a bet. They offer the chance to go beyond a simple game and take advantage of a pool of players. The progressive jackpot might just be the single most important innovation that was ever applied to slot machines.

If you’re a slot machine player, it should be instinctive to play at least a few spins on a progressive jackpot slot each time you play. A big win on a regular slot is exciting, but you never know when one of those massive progressive jackpots is going to pay off. The next big winner just might be you!